Out of Keeping

Off I went, leaving her body, relaxed as I entered it.

All of a sudden, something touched a part of my consciousness, another spirit rushing in from above. I sensed she knew where I came from. I sensed she was not amused I took over her body while she dreamed.

I was not prepared for a confrontation so I flew out of there in a hurry. I was still beginning to get a grip of what I discovered, the astral travel I used to believe when I was younger was now the fantastic journey I was able to realize.

There was some sort of gathering of spirits up in the clouds, like a meeting requested by higher beings.

“What is it?” I asked telepathically a consciousness near me.

“Some spirits were complaining that there is a loose entity taking over bodies temporarily and messing up their life in the real world.”

“Who complained?” I feared asking, though I had an inkling they alluded to me.

“A Russian Mafia boss related that his long-time butler resigned. The spirit who took over his body indirectly berated the servant.”

I wanted to explain myself but doing so would be tantamount to admission of guilt.

“Then, a lord of the night was too incensed to speak. He simply said, he nearly got a fatal dose of sunshine because the spirit who took over his body forgot to close the lid of the coffin properly.”

I did close it! Or did I? I was too frightened that I erased the memory after I got out.

“And …”

“I get the picture,” I interrupted, not needing to hear the list of my supposed victims. Even my imaginary ears could not take the enumeration of my illegal entries.

How I was supposed to know that there were laws somewhere against the practice. Spiritual mediums called spirits to inhabit their bodies. Why could I not do the same without them asking?

I felt a chill, which I thought was impossible because I had no body to speak of.

“You are new to the experience, aren’t you?”

A cacophony of noises, hundreds of voices asking the same question over and over again assaulted my consciousness. I was convinced they zeroed in on me, accurately guessing I was the spirit on the loose.

“I sensed him leaving my body.”

Her accusation was correct though I wanted to make it clear I respected it like it was mine.

“Dreaming is a personal experience. It’s like a walk in the park or a scare with all the monsters one can conjure. You leave your body, travel, interact if you must, wander, but you must go back to your own.”

“I apologize if I changed other lives. I thought I was having fun.”

“What if someone entered your body now and do the exact opposite of your ordinary self, wreck relationships you built for a long time? Will you not be angry? Are you willing to accept the invader’s apology that he or she was just having fun?”

“I won’t do it again.”

“As your punishment, which you yourself will think of, we decided to let you meet one of the oldest spirits around.”

“Who is it?”

“You’ll know because the spirit is guarding your body now.”

Like a flying dust being sucked by a giant vacuum cleaner, my flight was unforgettable. The thing was I could not remember if it really happened.



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