Out of Sight

The flight was a blur.

Definitely, I was blind.

I had accepted the strange journey was not over. The uneasy feeling of borrowing someone’s body, even for a while, did not appeal to me. What if I did something disastrous during the experience?

The stuffy air was suffocating. Lying inside a small enclosure scared me.

I commanded my hands to push the padded wall above me. If it would give way, I would be more assured that I was not a prisoner, locked in darkness.

Aha! There was an opening, a two-foot-square window that could be my way out. Well, my loaned body’s way out.

Slowly I pushed, noticing a ray of sunlight further away, signifying the spot the enclosure was was still in the dark.

While still in a horizontal position, I flexed the muscles of my arms and legs at the same time. It would be a mistake if I rose up not sure if the body I inhabited could still walk.

I yawned. The effects of sleep were still present.

What’s that on my mouth? Something was stuck on my gums, a pointed feeling.

Use your hands! My mind could be so demanding.

My God! I got fangs! That meant, I was a . . . Hold that thought!

I was not blind, my eyes could have still be adjusting to the darkness earlier.

Screaming was my next option when it finally dawned on me that I was lying inside a coffin. The hairs all over my body stood at attention, seemingly erect like that of a surprised porcupine.

Before I could react further, I heard the echoes of a familiar tune, played in what I correctly remembered an organ. The musician could be one the few who was awake during the day.

Get out! The order was instant.

No! I heard myself saying. The body I inhabited could disintegrate into ashes. I did not want the spirit who owned it coming back discovering his coffin was empty. He would be eternally pissed.

I closed the lid, trying to concentrate how I should get out of the body before the owner came back. If he was desperate enough to stay outside during the day, he would be happy to give it up in exchange with mine. No way, Jose! I saw Twilight and all other movies related to the subject. I was not ready to consume blood.

So long Transylvania! I wished I could come back as an ordinary tourist instead.



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