Out of Bounds

I could smell it: French perfume all around.

As to be expected, I concluded that the Eiffel Tower was somewhere outside.

The music in the air was familiar to me, soft and light, possibly coming from the speaker of a small radio.

Oh! I got a terrible headache. It was probably due to my frequent going in and out of bodies.

I sensed I was lying in a comfortable bed with fluffy pillows, freshly-laundered sheets and thick cotton blankets.

I was not alone though. The warmth of another human being was so intense I felt the separation of our skins was negligibly small. A few times, accidental bumping and rubbing occurred.

Curious, I turned my head to the right to check who it was. Even in the dimly lit bedroom, which I knew where we were, I wanted to get a glimpse of my bedside partner.

Horrors! It was a man lying next to me! How did that happen?

I turned my body to the side and forced myself not to panic. I wanted to make sense of everything but I could not think straight. All I was sure of that the human was a man: he had a beard to prove it.

“Honey. Honey!” he whispered to my ears. “Wake up.”

I was afraid he wanted something romantic, a thought so absurd for me at that moment.

He did not know that I was awake yet he continued his murmurs.

I did not respond, closing my eyes tightly so he would not discover me as not the person he knew.

Wait a minute! If he was a he, what was I supposed to be?

I gently moved my hands to the front part of my body, making sure my suspicion had merit.

Oh my God! It was some kind of a surreal joke! How careless of me to break through a body without checking its gender. For certain, I was a well-endowed woman, scantily dressed in a nightie. I could not blame him for speaking to me of sweet nothings.

What should I do? The man beside me could be my/her body’s husband, boyfriend or lover. How could I repel him without saying a word.

Hmmp! I grunted, sounding annoyed for the disturbance. That was the best thing I could think of.

He started to use his hands to do his talking.

As a reflex, I immediately slapped them alternately, harder so he would understand I was not in the mood. And as long it was me, I would not be.

“So you want to play games!”he pinched my bottom.

I had to speak to keep him at bay but I was nervous what I would sound like.

“Not now darling. I have a terrible headache.”

I was much grateful that the voice I heard was feminine enough for his taste.

“Okay, honey!” he said, somewhat dejected but he kissed the back of my head. “Maybe tomorrow.”

“I am sure of it,” I said, the sultry voice consoling.

He moved inches away to his side of the bed, forced to subdue his sexual drives.

As for me, I went back to sleep, contented how it ended. The experience of inhabiting a woman’s body was informative, learning how to be totally in control in bed.



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