“You’ll lose everything, Lucas!”

Inside his small room on a hardboard bed, he laid his drained body. He still cannot understand the meaning of death even when the members of his group was decimated by a stranger. Death was a stranger to him until now.

“I am going to get you!”

The whispers in his head would not stop. It would seem he was fated to the same ending like the others.

“Stop it!” he shouted at no one. “Kill me now! Right here!”

The blaring music from the neighbor’s crude sound system drowned his cries of complaints against the world. With an old song playing about the object he tried to acquire all his life, he came to a frightening conclusion that he could die soon.

A whiff of fresh air entered the room, giving him some positive energy for once. In a sense, hope has not left him.

“What’s money for if you’re dead?”

He made what could have been the most intelligent decision he ever thought of: surrender. It could be the best logical step to preserve what’s left of his ruined life.

Lucas needed another chance, the chance Tony was deprived of.

(to be continued)



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