“Once I get out of here, I will make your life hell!”

Armand swept the threat aside. His lawyer was in no position to issue such high-handed remarks.

The mountain resort was the ideal location to end it all. Heavily forested and inaccessible at the back portion, it could conceal anything and hide it from civilization.

From a newly-dug up spot, the makeshift cellar housed Armand’s captives. Like mountain men, they were stripped of identification and removed of status, victims of their own doing.

The doctor, resigned for obvious reasons, covered his ears, unwilling to be reminded of his treachery. He was spared the media vilification, his presence covered up, disgraced even in the end.

“Perhaps, this will convince you to accept reality as it is,” Armand said; his lawyer attentive.

He opened his laptop and turned it on. The video stream was recorded earlier, a copy obtained from YouTube that was downloaded by an enthusiast specializing in current events.

“Watch your fate!”

The police scoured the private resort and outlying areas for any lead that could point to the whereabouts of the missing celebrated lawyer Iam Abad. On a personal visit to his client, high-society figure Armand dos Santos IX, he was allegedly abducted by unknown armed men.

Tied to a chair, Mr. dos Santos, extremely exhausted and possibly tortured, recounted and described the intrusion as swift and methodical. Wearing masks and military uniforms, the men quietly took their target while he was left to starve to death. 

Asked for comments while being treated, Armand, as he was popularly known, broke down and cried, repeating what the leader of the group told him. “We are here for one reason: get Abad man.”

According to police sources, who requested anonymity, a hand-written note was found at the scene. In part, the contents read as:

We, the people,

 take upon ourselves the authority to punish,

in our own way,

 the evil that roams the halls of justice.

 The protector of crooks and the scourge to genuine justice,


time and again, bends and corrupts the law.

He has to pay for his misdeeds.

Do not look for him!

 Your search will be futile.

By now, his body is food for the fishes.

At least, something good resulted from his passing.

There were mixed reactions on the streets. However, the majority of those we asked was unanimous in their conclusion. “He is dead, Serves him right!”

We will keep you posted for any developments!

“You cannot do this, Armand,” Attorney Abad has lowered his voice, his defiance defeated by the thought of self-preservation.

“You offered me no choice,” he said coldly. “You know how I hated violence. But I will make an exception with the both of you.”

“Please, I am begging you!”

“You’re a disease! How ironic that you will die with a doctor who cannot cure you.”

“Have you no mercy?” the lawyer fell down on his knees.

“Hey!” Armand yelled. “This ain’t the movies. Stop treating this as a melodrama. This is real life. I am real. I am pissed as hell!”

“I am sorry,” the lawyer closed his eyes, his hopes dashed with the way he was rebuked.

“Lessons are learned. Justice should prevail.”

“I learned my lesson. Do anything to me but do not kill me!”

“I am talking to myself,” Armand replied. “You made your mistakes. You should pay.”

“What are you going to do?”

“This will be your resting place. You two could decide whether to end your lives the easy way or wait for redemption. Your choice.”

“Please Armand!”

“May God have mercy on your souls.”

He shut the door and walked away. He never looked back.



7 thoughts on “Justified

    1. Thank you for reading. 🙂
      It is the end of the series starting from the post Strapped. I still have problems with connection so my online stay is temporarily cut short once in a while.
      The best for you always.

  1. well… i am a little frustrated because i did not understand very well all the story, my english is still bad, but this justice is cruel same like love…what is sweet and loveable in this life?!

    1. Don’t be. With much practice, you will understand it later on.
      Your English is improving. Don’t give up. Learn.
      You are correct: justice is cruel but to those who intentionally mean other harm. Love can be cruel when it hurts us unexpectedly.
      Sweet and lovable? You, Us. Humans. We only become bad if we do bad things.

      1. Some people take advantage of others for personal motives. That’s the way it is. They are not satisfied with what they have so they take it out from other people.

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