“This soup is good!”

Even if it was a humiliating experience, strapped on a chair while his lawyer, the doctor and the driver ate heartily in front of him, he desisted from complaining. He was famished, a condition he seldom encountered in his pampered life until a week ago that was extended to the present.

“I am sure,” he said, swallowing what’s left of his saliva. “Don’t mind me, I am on a diet.”

“Where’s the nurse?” Doctor Aran asked, his stomach grumbling a bit.

“She said that she would be preparing the last dose for him,” the driver replied, feasting his eyes on the assorted dishes on the table.

“I think I’ll have some wine,” Attorney Abad said, massaging his throat after finishing the contents of the bowl.

However, none of them could stand up. That was their conclusion when all of them tried but failed.

“What’s happening?” the lawyer asked, his vision getting blurred.

“There was something mixed with the soup,” Doctor Aran guessed correctly. He, too, felt nauseated.

The driver groaned. In a few more minutes, he would lose consciousness. He was simply an extra in the drama so he would sleep out the rest of the episode.

Angela held a knife when she entered the room. They thought she was on their side. Regrettably, they were wrong.

“I believe, gentlemen, I have the upper hand now,” Armand said, walking about after all his restraints have been removed.

“How?” Attorney Abad could not believe what has happened. “You’re dying.”

“Yeah, I am dying to get you behind bars,” Armand modulated his voice for effect, “but I won’t do that because I know how you can elude jail term with your forked tongue.”

“Guards! Guards!” Attorney Abad shouted hoarsely. No one came.

“Would you believe they all work for me?”

– 0 –

When they woke up, both of them were strapped on cushioned seats. Inside the audio-visual room, they faced the white screen.

“I want you to watch an interesting movie with a gripping story. You’ll like it!”

His mansion’s week-long CCTV footage was projected on the screen, starting with the scene where he was bitten by the lawyer’s dog. It was the exact moment when evil took charge.

“It was a mistake,” Doctor Aran slurred his words, though its meaning was lost on the seething lawyer. The evidence of their crime could not be denied.

“Wow! I have no idea that the poor dog was murdered.” It was also Armand’s first viewing.

“Stop it! Now, you know! Sue me!” Attorney Abad was still defiant.

Armand stopped the playback. His murderous thoughts against the couple was overwhelming.

The lawyer hurled obscenities at his client. He had not accepted the fact that Armand would not let him go free.

“It was a mistake,” the doctor kept repeating his mantra.

“Oh, stop it! You disgraced hack!” Attorney Abad would not settle for being the cause of their misfortune. “You blew it right from the start.”

Armand watched them with curiosity. They seemed an odd pair in a room. Perhaps, they should share company for a long time.

“I think I know what to do with you two,” he said with a sinister laugh.

“You will not get away with this, Armand! People will look for me. I am important.”

“I’ll point them to the right direction,” he toyed with the enraged lawyer.

“They will find out the truth. Believe me!”

“Really?” he said with a raised eyebrow. “What do you think, Doc?”

“It was a mistake,” the doctor automatically replied.

“He’s telling the truth,” Armand punctuated the argument.

(to be concluded)



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