“Let me give him the injection.”

Doctor Aran was still unsure how to face Armand, knowing his complicity to his patient’s murder could be revealed by his unusual demeanor. Telling all the fabricated tales was easy, killing him softly, so to speak, created a hole in his conscience.

When the nurse by his side volunteered to do it, he breathed a sigh of relief. At least, she had the motive to get even with her biter as she believed he was.

“Are you sure? I thought you are afraid of him.”

“My neck still hurts,” she said, feeling the wound slowing healing. “He deserves some pain.”

“Easy, girl.” Doctor Aran held her wrist. “You should perform your duty professionally.”

“I won’t overdo it, Doc.”

“We are here to heal him,” he lied effortlessly. “Remember that.”

She fell silent for a while, unable to decide whether to confront the doctor or not. The truth she heard hours ago was a stab at her back, how the man she trusted could be a double-faced liar. It was up to her to seek vengeance.

“I can handle him myself.”

“You are braver than I thought,” the doctor praised her glowingly. “I am grateful you will do it today.”

She entered the door with firm resolve. Doctor Aran saw it and felt relieved.

Armand watched her approaching fast, her hand holding the injection.


Too late! He screamed in pain.

“What’s that for?” Armand felt the small pinch in his neck like a bee sting.

“If I ask you to shout, you will ask why. That’s better. More spontaneous I think.”

“You will help me?” Armand found his ally.

“They’re going to kill you. This,” she raised the injection, “will begin your slow death.”

“Quickly! Untie me!”

The nurse had already loosened the restraints in his arms even before he could finish the command.

“What should I do?” She stared at the door, panic kept her moving carelessly.

Armand recalled the strategies he planned in his head. He could not outwit the lawyer if he was on the loose. He had to take more risks to pin the bastard.

“Get me the phone.”

“Your legs. I could untie those.”

“No, don’t,” he said calmly. “Listen to me. Act the way you did. Be angry at me. I did bite you.”

“You didn’t,” she corrected him without elaborating.

“There’s time for explanations later. You take charge of the injections and I will do the acting.”

“What if they’re present?” she asked, her worry logical.

“Do the switch! Ready an antibiotic dose. You know which one.”

“Okay, I can do that,” her nervousness faded.

“The phone, please.”

For almost half an hour, Armand called several numbers and talked to trusted associates, all denied of information but ordered to accomplish separate tasks.

“This will end tomorrow. I promise you,” he assured her. “You will find helping me your best decision in life.”

“I am a simple nurse, sir.”

“You are more than that!” Armand smiled. “You are more than that!”

Her face turned pinkish red, the appreciation elated her.

Without missing a beat, she disposed the contents of the syringe on the potted plant at the window sill.

“Good thinking!” He was utterly convinced she would perform well under strain.

To complete the act, she tied him back, ably copying the knots as close as possible to the original.

“Don’t worry, sir. I will never let them harm you.”

“You’re an angel!”

(to be continued)



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