Beyond Control

An abrupt exit the last time was unfortunate. I did not know what a triple whammy was until I experienced it with such swiftness I was literally cut off line. If that was not enough, the succeeding days that followed were as worse. I slumped in despair due to my forced absence from the Net.

The scenario was too ordinary that I never believed it could happen. Even in stormy weather, there would be at least one of the services left operational. Sadly, both decided to team up: getting online was impossible.

There was talk of El Nino which means a long dry spell. By experience, people consume more power during warm weather. The only power plant in place could not supply enough electricity to everyone, thus the outages. Consequently, all other bigger facilities that feed on the system took the corresponding hit, resulting to inefficiencies.

Repeater stations of communications companies from the capital also rely on the main power grid. Unless managements are willing to use back up power for longer duration, communication services will falter. That was what we deduced when poor connection occurred. Customer satisfaction be damned.

I did say a triple whammy, right?

My battery wanted to say bye bye. More than two years of charging and recharging, it’s in the process of slow death. I am still waiting for the replacement. Until that happens, I am limiting myself to important tasks.

So, my succeeding posts will come at unexpected times. Replying to your comments and reading blogs will also depend on power and connection availability. I believe this is only a temporary hiccup to my blogging activities.

Stay safe, guys and gals!



4 thoughts on “Beyond Control

  1. I am sincerely glad your blog is available and I am grateful to you for persisting in allowing us to enjoy it — your blog is delightful — by all means a new battery!

  2. Hope the battery arrives soon, love the photo of the kittens. Got talked into babysitting two myself for a couple of afternoons. This was not enjoyed by the other four legged occupants of this house.
    I also hope your internal battery withstands the frustration of the lapses in power and technology failure.

    1. I was tempted to unplug for good (that’s the technology suicide I am talking about). Luckily, I came back to my senses. 🙂
      Thank you for the support.
      Hope you do have a great time at your end.

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