Dark thoughts sometimes visit us at the most unexpected moments. It’s a part of life to be reminded of our finite existence.

If we live a productive life, be not afraid. Life will continue somewhere else.



7 thoughts on “Interpret

  1. I’ve always liked this song….I love it when I am driving at night which is kind of a duh, but it is an evocative song….and I love those gorgeous kitties on the banner!!!!! I think you, Seeker, and I have weird like buttons. they never seem to always work correctly.

    1. I am glad you share my choice. I like Phil Collins’ songs a lot. 🙂
      About the like button, you are not alone with the problem. Once you clicked liked in the Reader, a few minutes later it will revert back to like as if you unlike automatically. This happens to me a lot, so I go back once more and click liked again, sometimes repeating several times. If you check your email notification, you will see a number in parentheses the times a reader clicked a particular post. Unfortunately, sometimes the click will not register at all, making you believe less people read the post.
      The tech problem continues still. 😦

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