Plus Minus

I guess we can’t win them all!

The storm missed our area, which was absolutely fortunate for us. We were relieved that our crops were never in danger of the strong winds and continuous heavy rains.

However, there’s a catch to our luck, something we did not expect though we initially suspected.

The power company, with all of its wisdom, decided unilaterally to cut the supply an hour before sunset. Its generosity provided us time to cook and for some ate an early supper. For all those who waited to eat while eager to watch prime time shows on TV, fat chance! No way their plans would have been realized.

More than seven hours! My God!

I slept early, trying to control my urge to go to the neighbors and asked them to sign a protest letter against the unscheduled power interruptions.  It’s rather unfortunate though that most of them decided to call it a night. I guess they were not as mad as I was. I even thought they welcomed the idea; under the covers in a cold, windy and rainy night. (I marked this day and predicted what would be the result nine months later.)

Ooops! I stand corrected. I wrote so fast, carelessly, I might add. After just an hour, there goes the power cut again. The battery has not fully charged: fifty minutes to go back to zero.

I better go back to sleep after sending this. The slow connection warns me to post this quickly.

Thank you all for your kind thoughts about our safety. You were also instrumental to ward off the storm away from us. Your positive vibes helped.

Goodnight everyone! Be well!

Signing off . . .



11 thoughts on “Plus Minus

  1. Wish you the best, I live without regular electricity and water in the pipes, so understand you. Maybe you should use a gas fridge too, it helps me here. I have generator beside, but not for 24 hours a day.

    1. No fridge here. The power fluctuations cause electrical appliances to break easily. Someday, when solar power is more available and cheaper, we’ll try it.
      Thanks for the advice. 🙂

    1. We’re luckier than the rest of the country, I guess. Thanks. 🙂
      I suppose you are correct about power cuts. However, we experience interruptions even when there is good weather. We even had power during one of our worst storms. Here, there’s no connection whatsoever with the weather. If they want it cut, they will do so. Bummer.

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