My personal opinion:

Positive thinking could affect even the weather.

How could an old ditty be chanted to ward off Nature’s impending fury?

Rain. Rain. Go away. Come again. Another day.

I am not sure now what to expect. In a most grateful way, I felt relieved after the short heavy rain fell earlier. It ushered the calmest weather I could imagine.

Weather could be the most mysterious to predict. I believe that today.

A week ago, the sun was shining too brightly. In an instant, it rained so hard that I could not believe it happening. I called it then a sunny rainy moment.

I am fortunate to have chosen a spot on this Earth that natural calamities tend to avoid. Perhaps, Nature sees us as protectors of its wonders that we are often spared from devastation.



4 thoughts on “Outlook

  1. That’s an interesting concept. Up in Zimbabwe our area got hit by the tail end of a hurricane, and I was amazed driving around the following day to discover major destruction all around, except in a very small area around where we were living. I always thought the rain gods took pity on me because I’m a coward in really bad weather. Hopefully all will stay calm around you.

    1. That’s great to hear! 🙂 There are mysteries we cannot still explain so if we find ourselves fortunate to escape its negative impact, we should always be thankful,
      I expected the storm to be strong. (We do have much rain sometimes if one can call it a natural calamity.) Other parts of the archipelago are flooded and they expect to be hit hard by the storm.I hope the calm stays as you hoped. Thank you for the positive thought.

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