I often wondered what it would be like if we have instant on internet access and without power outage. I could be one of the happiest bloggers around. 😀

Creativity comes into play to surmount any obstacles. I am a Filipino so I am taught early on to accept that we live in a developing country (for as long as I can remember) and treat the deficiencies of daily life as nothing but temporary.

I do a similar attack when it comes to blogging. When loading problems get into my nerves, I patiently wait (another trait we possess) because anger would not make the system run faster. (Okay, to be honest, sometimes I lose my cool.)

Take YouTube videos for example. At the moment, the site is loading so slow that I could take a nap and when I wake up, it will still be loading. But that’s not a problem because when the connection was strong days before, I already copied several links to an offline word processor. The Enchant post is a result of such process.

However, not everything is running smoothly. The Reader does not load as well as the Gmail notifications. I could see a WordPress News Update on Gmail Password Leak but it does not open. It’s a good thing I have the two-step verification process so I am not too worried that my password is in danger of falling into the wrong hands.

I am still waiting for faster connection. I hope I do not need to take an early sleep as my next best option.



4 thoughts on “Planned

  1. Not dissimilar in Crete where we live now. The one thing that drives me insane is the ‘Like’ button not loading. As many images as you like will (slowly) load and still the Like button will be ‘loading’. Grrr!

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