On My Toes

Hello guys and gals!

More than a day out of the Net, I felt out of touch. I could not say I was too hasty to get online. You must have guessed what has forced me to skip surfing. πŸ˜€

We have a strong typhoon coming tomorrow (based on forecast). However, the news on TV showed other parts of the country, especially the southern regions were already inundated as heavy rains fell since the other day. Perhaps, the worst is yet to come. I hope not.

Locally, all we experienced were intermittent light rain. The strong southwest winds kept blowing the dark clouds away.

But, I am not too comforted with the lull so I decided to prepare for the worst.

I readied the kerosene-fed lanterns after I gathered enough firewood that could last a month. Canned goods and other easy to cook food like instant noodles were stocked.

At the moment, I am ready for any eventualities. I will carry on with my usual routine.

Happy blogging!

Note: Gmail and YouTube are not loading properly at my end. I am not sure why.



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