Best Bet

Today, approximately at this same moment, I stood in front of a window shop in the capital, admiring a piece of an electronic machine I longed to acquire for years. I had the money in my pocket, the exact amount to surrender to the store owner in exchange for an equipment that would be my portal to the World Wide Web.

Two years passed by, thousands of pesos spent for electric bills and internet loads, thousands of hours dedicated on re-learning old knowledge and discovering new ones, thousands of words encoded while thousands more left on paper, I am still the wide-eyed user who believe that there are more variables in the equation I have not taken into consideration.

But the fact is, my productivity has increased a thousand fold. Information that I did not possess earlier were much easier to access. I was given the freedom to seek what I only thought previously as out of my reach.

I confess that I was a different man before, somewhat blind to other thoughts I have not heard, somewhat narrow-minded about certain ideas I deemed not important to me, somewhat indifferent about causes that did not affect my way of life. Now, I am continuously enlightened.

Surfing the Net, and blogging in particular, gave me an outlet to reach out and be heard. In the same breath, I was given the opportunity to listen to what others think. The free-flow of information has enabled us to exchange perspectives and be open to differing views. We are free.

When I think back, I often wonder. In a minute of hesitation, I could have shut down the portal to a wonderful world of discovery. Then, I am grateful that I entered the shop and bought the machine that has been a loyal companion through my journey.



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