What a wonderful day today!

Nope, the sun is not shining. 🙂 On the contrary, it is overcast: a gloomy and cooler morning that’s very conducive to field work. 😀

What’s buoying my spirits up is the flowering of several fruit trees in the orchard. If you could only smell their collective fragrance, you would share my enthusiasm. Imagine, thousands of tiny flowers mixing their natural bouquet with fresh air? Ah!  Intoxicating and divine!

And the birds, they are all present, chirping and flitting from a tree to the next, somersaulting and weaving between branches, hiding beneath or behind leaves, enjoying their freedom without fear of harm or capture.

I felt liberated somewhat: open to anything that could happen. I don’t usually bring my laptop outside (remember my blogging is an intimate exercise). There’s always a chance that one of my godchildren or any of my acquaintances could intrude in my personal space while I write. Any small disturbance could scatter my thoughts somewhere else.

In a short while, I have to evacuate to a more secure location. The dark clouds are already hovering above. Electronic devices beware!

Life is very simple today. Time will pass by just like yesterday. What about tomorrow then?

May you all experience a simple moment today, when worries take the back seat and you can savor what life really is. 😀



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