Come On

Before you answer, I just want to point out that the following is my personal opinion. You do not need to agree with my view. 🙂


“Can someone be lovelier with some deformity?”

If you answer no, you maybe wrong. As they say: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

If you answer maybe, you’re safe. You are not sure but you are thinking now where the deformity lies.

If you answer yes, you know something that other people might see everyday as normal, not a deformity.

Before I tell you what is it, or if you have an idea, I want to tell a short story. Mine, of course. 😀

When I neared my adolescent years, I was a bit conscious on who I was physically. I was a bean pole, undernourished for reasons of my own doing: I hated vegetables. I was Mister Fry. All the vitamins I got were from capsules and some fruits I loved to eat.

But what really distracted my thought was my lack of something most of my classmates have. Yes, money is one but I had accepted the fact that we were poor. That’s not what bothered me though.

Today, as I looked it up on the Net, there is a way to get it though surgical operation. (If you are thinking of enlargement of some part of the body, you’re absolutely wrong.)  (laughs)

Why didn’t I have it? How did others get it in the first place?

When I smile, I know I am happy. But something is missing in my face. 😀

I wanted to have that partial facial deformity, the one that could make me look younger. ???

But I guess, it’s a bit too late now. My parents should have thought of it when I was a baby: there was an artificial way. They could have had a son who has dimples. 😀



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