False alarm! The expected rain did not drop. A few astray liquid probably escaped the clouds but that was it. 🙂

What I should have done was to wait for the showers to fall before retreating inside the house. I could not have discovered those silky white thin threads that adorned the ceiling.

Spiders are always busy spinning their webs. Two days ago, I thought they would find new spots to build their overhead traps. Today, they were back. Or, was it yesterday? I am not sure anymore.

Except for my other housemates which I leave alone behind picture frames, I often wonder what it would be like for a house without spiders. I mean, the arachnid specie serves an important purpose by limiting other small insects from making the house their camping grounds. Frankly, I don’t mind them staying as long as they are out of the way of my general mobility. 🙂

Come to think of it, spiders do not only inhabit the real world, in the Net they are also present. Not exactly resembling the real thing but they are apparently useful. By definition, they are computer programs that scours the Web to look for public data that can be added to a database for search engine’s use. I heard about them a lot but I am not entirely sure how they affect my blogging.

I guess I have another assignment for myself: discover digital spiders. If I could find them in my house, I think I could find them too in the Web.

The experimentation continues.



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