How’s that for a wake up beat! (It’s playing and I am wearing earphones.)  😀

Life is beautiful!

We entered what we call locally as the ‘ber’ months (names ending in ber), the start for the long preparation for the holiday season. Yes, we Filipinos start playing Christmas songs early on. That’s how festive the mood is in the country. With all the problems facing us, we still have time to smile and get on with our lives.

I suppose you can also call us islanders due to the fact we live in an archipelago. Diverse groups of people with different dialects, scattered all around and often mixed with one another like a small version of United Nations.

We are a motley crew (not the band) of people trying to survive, and survive we will.

If you know a Filipino or familiar with one, you might think of him/her as a chameleon, a genuine example of an individual who can cope up with hardships and luxuries in the same breath, a person who can live in deserts, frozen regions and anywhere civilization exists.

At times, he/she is more westernized than Westerners, more leftist than Communists or more religious than those in the Vatican. But, all displayed in their own particular way. Most of the time. (And, there are exceptions, too.)

I am them. They are me. We are together, like husbands and wives, for better or for worse.

I am a Filipino, living in my homeland, staying for good after a few years living in distant shores.

I am home.



6 thoughts on “Tribal

  1. I remember how my stepdad, who is from the Philippines, would shock almost all newly met Filipino/mixed families when he told them he was from Hernani Samar. Normally everyone we met would tell us they were from Manila. He had earlier told me that he was proud of his roots– even though the chickens and pigs were oftentimes in the same room where he slept. So, to this day– even if it might be true– I have to smile whenever anyone tells me they’re from Manila. Nice post. Peace.

    1. If a Filipino say, I came from Manila, only two things you should bear in mind. One, he is telling the truth. Two, he wants to shortcut the introduction. Saying that he came from an unknown place elicits more questions.
      I believe your stepdad. 🙂 There are still impoverished places in the country where animals stay with humans under one roof. It’s a bit weird but poor people should not be choosy. They have to make do what they can afford.
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts. 🙂

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