“What is it, now?”

I was cultivating the calamansi trees this afternoon when one of my godchildren approached me: he held a junior-sized basketball. I had an idea that he looked for someone to play with. His father was on the coast fishing while his other friends were elsewhere.

“I was just thinking, Ninong,” he began slowly, “who will you marry?”

I stopped my work immediately and faced him. What has gotten to the boy to ask that ever frequent question thrown at me.

“Of course, I will marry a woman,” I replied as a matter of fact.

He laughed, louder than a giggle. He did not expect my witty answer.

“I know that! But who?”

“That is the question,” I said, trying to end the topic.


“So what?” His persistence kept me off balance.

“When do we meet our Ninang? I am getting older. I might get married ahead of you.”

He what? I had to repeat his words in my head to be sure I heard him correctly.

“You’re ten years old. That’s impossible!”

“When Father gets angry at me, especially when my grades are low, he used to tell me that it’s better for me to get married than finish school.”

I could not control myself laughing out loud. So, that was the root of this questioning.

“Don’t worry,” I patted him on the shoulder. “I will talk to him.”

He was satisfied, caressing the ball repeatedly. Subconsciously, he was sending a message to me.

“Okay, wait for me, about half an hour. I’ll wash up and we’ll play.”

“I’ll take some practice shots at home. Please follow me later, hah?”

“I won’t forget,” I promised. “Go on.”

What a relief! That was another close call. 🙂

I watched him dribbling livelier than when he first arrived. I was not so sure now if he intentionally brought out the subject to distract me. He surely got my attention.



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