There nothing wrong with self-promotion as long as it is within the bounds of civilize norms.

I do not need to digress about the importance of social media in our society. Their reach encompasses a wide range of our daily activities in and out of the Net. However, if there are advantages gained, there’s a host of disadvantages that were not present before.

Take Facebook’s popularity for example. The giant network filled the needs of people around the world, It introduced new forms of interaction.

Back then, you only show your photo album to a select few, mostly relatives and close friends. Now, your followers, not necessarily your actual associates could view your life as if you are under a microscope, if you let them.

This type of self-promotion fortunately opened to scrutiny the brazen lifestyles of family members of the alleged local pork barrel queen. Flaunting their wealth for all to see, they naively gave visual evidence that were supposed to be a secret to evade detection of her crime. It became her undoing.

If such incident proved to be beneficial to achieving justice, there are also negative effects of this photo-sharing custom.

Nowadays, people take selfies on any occasion, numerous photos of themselves to be uploaded in their sites. Sometimes, there are individuals who would spoil the fun by including themselves without permission in the photo. Bombers they are called.

But imagine this: what if the photo-taker himself included you as an unwitting photo-bomber? Without your consent, you were included in a personal photo of a stranger who has vile motives.

Say, you are a girl wearing a mini-skirt, sitting innocently in a bench, minding your own business. Then someone, possibly a boy, in the guise of taking a selfie, include you in the photo without you knowing it. Without his face shown, the angle of the shot he took could show you in a lewd and compromising position with respect to his pose.

Once uploaded, (un)luckily it became viral. Your face is pasted all over the place. Notoriously, you are a star. What can you do to get your privacy back? How could you undo the damage done to your reputation?

Another incident that happened locally had a different twist. This time it was a man’s obsession with women’s underwear, that is, while they still wore them. He was probably tired of taking photos of himself that he decided to lengthen his reach, literally. His targets were unsuspecting shoppers in malls. His modus operandi was simple: attach the camera to that popular telescopic steel rod till it reach the ground and snap a photo while it was between the victim’s feet. (You get the idea.)

Imagine all the uploads he did with all those photos? It was fortunate he was caught on CCTV during one of his sick jaunts.

So, a fair warning to all! Do not let your guard down, Don’t be a victim of others’ misuse and abuse of social media. These people are everywhere.



6 thoughts on “Intrusion

  1. They certainly are. I couldn’t agree more! All I can say is the best we can do when such invasions occur is get our own back, everything can be traced…

  2. I didn’t say that if anything vigilance is the result of unwarranted invasion and shouldn’t be necessary. What I do think is that the actions of some internet voyeurs will be one of the main reasons that there will eventually and perhaps sooner than we think because its already being talked about, be a strengthening of the laws and censorship of the internet, there is no way the inventors of the internet ever thought their invention would be used to invade the lives of ordinary people in the way that has already been seen.

    1. As per my post, I mean vigilance is the key to protect ourselves from becoming victims. If those malicious people could not possess content, they could not upload it.
      If they censor the internet, they will not stop by cutting those self posted content, they could cut almost anything that will not pass their standard. That’s not good.

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