Analyzing history when it pertains to currents events is not only educational but sometimes humorous, not in a funny sense though.

Imagine this scenario. Parents (both deceased) who fought against an alleged despot, one sacrificing life and the other helping restore democracy has a son who now holds a high position in government. Their grievance back then was against autocratic rule, the absence of regular elections and corruption in all levels of government. Their fight was their legacy to their countrymen.

The son, who was old enough during those times, should promote their ideals once he reached his place. Out of respect for his departed parents, he, of all people, should never soil their reputation by even thinking of contradicting what they fought for.

However, the son could never match his father’s popularity nor his mother’s, that in some crooked sense he has considered himself valuable to his people. The detested idea of extending his rule beyond his term crops up, deviously presented as the will of the majority.

Who could have thought that this train of thoughts would even be conjured in the first place?

The cabal collectively decided their personal interests would be best served if they revise the organic law of the land. Their stay in power rests in the notion that too many groups who possess particular agendas would also agree to the change, spreading words for all to hear that everything is for the welfare of the nation.

Of course, many people, especially those who understand the repercussions of such change would try to block the initiative. Unfortunately, they are in the minority, the real one and not the supposedly minority in congress who would also benefit in the proposed change.

It’s funny how millions of literate citizens could be deceived right in their faces. They only need to recall the old promises made, those that were not fulfilled to this day, and the new promises pledged to get their support. How simple could that be? How easy to turn those power hungry down instantly?

Not very easy because people forget. They never learn or they do not want to learn. Given crumbs and they would bow down immediately. That is how hopeless their lives are.

There is a saying that says: “You may fool people once. But you cannot fool them all the time.” Sadly, this is not true in our case. To paraphrase it: “You may fool people once. That’s enough to fool them all the time.”



2 thoughts on “Terms

  1. I’m not so well up on your country as I might be, but I can think of similar examples from elsewhere.
    What is Erdogan up to right now, for example?

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