Safe Side

Early morning I woke up to the sound of light rain on the tin roof. I heard it a thousand times before but every time it feels different especially when there was something that bothered me the night before. Whenever this happened, I often experience a bad feeling that something would take place in the days to come.

Midnight was pitch black: heavenly bodies seemed hidden somewhere. I missed the chance to take a short peek at my favorite stars, a routine that became a habit of mine since I moved here in the province. It was not to be yesterday.

Under the sheets, I tried to figure out what it was, that nagging thought that would not leave me in peace. Yet, I took comfort in the idea that it felt so distant to where I was.

I recalled yesterday, while I was in a front of the computer, a hazy image trespassed in my consciousness. I imagined that it was somewhat like a lost message for someone else that my mind kind of snatched a copy of it before it reached its recipient.

What was it? Cracked lands on fire. It was a snap shot, fleeting seconds of a scene somewhere I have not seen in my life. It could be only a glimpse of tomorrow, something that even the figment of my imagination could not conjure.

I analyze events and guess (with some luck) probable outcomes. I specifically chose my current residence based on three important factors: food security, peace and order and rare occurrence of natural calamities (no earthquakes here). Remove those three from the problems in the equation, I could probably claim that I have seen the future. It’s a simple life.



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