When economists talk everyone listens, right? When they announce rosy forecasts for the economy, they are applauded.

If they talk in front of a like-minded audience, what they explain would be received accordingly. Some people might react in the contrary but then they could sway the naysayers with figures to prove their points.

If they recite those numbers to ordinary people in the streets, they might get the surprise of their lives. Not only will they be harshly ignored but to more philosophical individuals they would be rebuffed as if they were living in a fantasy world.

Here are some conversations I heard that would approximate the feelings of the majority.

– 0 –

Customer: I heard on the radio that they lowered the price of gasoline. Why is it still unchanged?

Gasoline boy: If you do not want to buy, go to the radio station and buy there.

– 0 –

Pro: They said the economy is growing.

Con: I heard. But whose economy? Not mine I am very sure.

– 0 –

Worker 1: If the economy is booming, why can’t you raise my salary?

Manager: You come here to work, not believe in tall tales.

– 0 –

Buyer: I was here yesterday. Why did the price of vegetables rise today?

Seller: Haven’t you heard? The economy grew.

Buyer: What’s the connection with vegetables’ price increase?

Seller: Nothing. I just want my economy growing, too.

– 0 –

Child: My teacher said that our country is growing fast.

Father: Yes, that’s true.

Child: Why are we still poor?

Father: Because we are growing fast.

Child: Huh?

Father: There are too many babies born everyday.

– 0 –

Farmer 1: Do you wonder that every time they said the country is growing, we do not feel a thing?

Farmer 2: No, that’s not correct. I felt something.

Farmer 1: Is that so? You think you benefited personally?

Farmer 2: No. I just felt so angry that people up there in government think that we are naive.

– o –

Sentiments vary. People complain. Government does not listen. Stalemate.



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