Before the heavy downpour (a light deluge if such a term exists) this afternoon, I was in an impatient mood. Struggling was the word I used in my early morning post, something to soften the real impact on my blogging. I was lucky not to experience a power outage and a so-so connection: it’s the platform’s erratic behavior I had to contend with.

Looking out the window during that particular period, I just watched Nature drenched, soaked and temporarily flooded the surroundings. It even tried to penetrate the jalousie windows with its diagonal rains. The dumping noise on the tin roof partially gave me discomfort: it was so loud that I feared the whole house would fall apart.

If I was not mistaken, the total amount of rain for a whole month fell in approximately over an hour. It was so sudden that I would not have guessed it happening since morning was sunny and dry. Perhaps the neighborhood’s collective hopes for rain was heard and answered.

In some way, I was calmed down by Nature’s fury, my understanding broadened. I realized that it struck down hard but it also brought grace. The positive outweighed the negative.

I sensed that impatience is permitted as long as we are willing to wait patiently. 😀



5 thoughts on “Understood

  1. Indeed. I can truly understand about gaining grace from the storm, considering how my last 6 weeks have been a great storm with times of deluge, darkness, fear…..I understand that grace even better now. This is an excellent post and says so very much, so beautifully.

    1. Indeed, your recent experience is the best example not to lose hope. Your exemplified great courage against great adversity. I admire you strength and will power. You showed us that how precious life is.

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