Decide for yourself. Your life is your own.

Let others do the same.



14 thoughts on “Independent

    1. We are all bombarded with information. It is up to us to follow which one. We can help people who needs our help. Still, they will decide if they will follow our advice.

      1. your thoughts are always filled with love and peace. i am wondering, could you tell me one defect of you? a big one 😛 🙂

      2. life belie you, a man so alive like you. . . full of love and intelligent..could be the paradox of existence
        (i think) your mystery leads to the extreme. (misterul tau duce la extrema, iar blogul tau este atat de echilibrat in ganduri si trairi) I wish you an honest inspiration !

      3. I think of myself as a very simple person, austere in my lifestyle. On the other hand, I like my mind to be richer, to absorb lessons that would complete me as human. I try to survive with the least I need. Not much of a trend seeker I am but someone you could see standing in the corner observing anyone around.
        I am a farmer. This occupation gives me all the time to think of why I exist. 😀
        Be with Nature once in a while, feel its life, then you will understand what I am talking about. 🙂

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