Many of you might be avid watchers of pageants. In  every event, there’s always the make-or-break question and answer portion. A misplaced reply could cost one the crown.

Except for the ever popular response of “goodwill to men and world peace,” there are different variations of questions to candidates. The tricky part is the phrasing of the query that often confuses even the most prepared contestant.

I was given the opportunity to answer eight of twelve questions to be used in a local school search. The other four did not require my input.

My first godchild here, who is sixteen years old, had entered the Mr. and Ms. (name of school) 2014 search. Taller than I, he possessed the confidence to stand in front of a crowd. Always the smiling type, he did not know what’s the meaning of stage fright.

He came to me yesterday with a list of questions he related as probables for the particular portion. What he needed were short and concise answers that would distinguish himself from his competitors.

Frankly, I am not very fond of pageants, especially beauty contests. Why? I prefer not to divulge my reasons. 🙂

Anyway, I really want my godchild to win. Objectively speaking, he is a shoo in to get the title.

All I have to do is write (in Tagalog) the answers that would be pleasing to the ears of the judges.

“Ninong, are you sure this is correct?” he asked, reading one answer.

“What’s the question?”

“Who is your inspiration for joining this competition?”

“What did I write?” I pretended not to remember.

“You wrote you name. Should it be my parents?”

“Oh, silly me. I forgot.” I never thought he would question that self-serving entry. “I’m just testing you.”

He was too polite to point out the obvious, that I wanted to be thanked in public, which was not really my intention.

“Don’t worry, Ninong. If I win, you will not be left out from my short list of people to thank.”

“If you win, it means you owe me.”

“What do you like, Ninong?”

“Hmmm. No Christmas gifts for you for two years?” I suggested with a wide grin.

“Hey, that’s unfair!” he patted me on the shoulder and  laughed out loud.



12 thoughts on “Rehearse

    1. Generic questions about being a student, philosophical thoughts and the like. If you watch pageants, you’ll have an idea what kind of questions they are. 🙂

      1. I have watched a few in my time. I think probably the questions are the most interesting part. I know they contestants often give unsatisfying answers but it must be challenging to answer so quickly.

      2. “If you are crowned Miss Universe today, who will you thank the most and why?”
        Your are correct: the challenge to answer quickly is not easy. 😀

      1. Thank you for the opportunity to read them!
        P.S. Dear belsbror …for a better understanding…i would like to read more about “AM”. you are a great teacher, but for a better understanding, the student have to learn same base….:)))) or maybe some steps

      2. You are too kind. 🙂
        If I have answers I will share them. If I don’t know something, I am not afraid to ask. That’s how I live my life. 🙂
        Learn some steps? On writing?
        First, I choose a word. Then, the word will point to an experience, past or present. From there, I develop the story with real dialogues. Of course, I have to translate them in English. Edit here and there. Then, publish.
        With constant practice, you’ll improve. English is not my native language so I am still learning like you do.
        I use the translator when I read blogs with foreign language like yours. 🙂

      3. thank you for all your advices. i appreciate all your work, but the most i appreciate you for the Inner Peace Award…

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