I think it was ages ago since I received my last snail mail. It was a bank notice that stated my balance was zero. 😀

Intrigued by my kumpare’s news that I received a registered mail, I asked myself who could have sent it. Since the introduction of Facebook and text messaging, my family including close relatives stopped using the post office to send communications.

My main problem though was the distance where to get it, more than nine kilometers walk or a ten-minute ride by public conveyance. I have scheduled visits to the town center and the next would be in four days. I was in a quandary.

“Maybe your girlfriend sent you her new address,” my twelve-year old godchild guessed. His father, who brought the news tried to close his mouth with a palm.

“Maybe it’s Santa Claus who tells me not to give you a gift because you are naughty and not nice,” I quipped.

He frowned immediately upon hearing the remark.

“You better check it at once. It could important. You could have won the lottery.”

“Hey! That’s possible! I’ll buy a car later so I won’t pay for my ride on the way back.”

“I am serious, man!” my kumpare was not laughing at my witty comment.

“How can I win the lottery if I did not buy tickets? Did you buy one for me?”

“No,” he replied, clicking his tongue as if the thought did not pass his mind. “Maybe someone did.”

“Okay, let’s pretend I won, I am rich, then what?”

“You can share some of your winnings. I won’t mind if something comes my way.”

Our conversation lengthened to half an hour while I waited for the ride to the town center.

“Good luck, man! Don’t forget about me, huh?” he shouted as the jeepney I rode moved forward.

“Ninong, me too!” my godchild would not be outdone.

I waved back at them, realizing I was as excited as they were. What if my kumpare was correct?

At the post office, the clerk offered me the letter after I signed for the receipt. Other than that, I was one on one with my mystery post. I hurriedly opened it because it was marked private, though the address was unmistakably from Europe.

Yes, it was from a lottery firm with the generic preface page signed by an individual I never heard of before. As I read the message, I began to understand that it was a come-on letter, an invitation to join a lottery, blah, blah, blah.

I had no intention of taking part although I am still puzzled how a company in Europe could send me the specific letter. Could I be part of a list of random names they collected in the internet?

Anyway, I went back home a winner. I found a crumpled hundred peso bill on the sidewalk. It was more than enough for the fare, to and fro, with some food to boot. 🙂



8 thoughts on “Notified

  1. I very rarely send or receive snail mail. Those communications I post are, almost always birthday or other congratulations cards. We still have red post boxes scattered throughout the UK but they are receiving far less use than previously. We have post delivered to our homes which saves having to make long journeys although, if you are not home you may need to go to the sorting office to collect a recorded delivery or registered post item as these require to be signed for.

    1. I am afraid we have only two postmen: one who stays in the office and once who makes the rounds in the town center. Outside that, recipients of letters should fetch their mail at the office if someone notified him/her in the first place.
      I recalled once when I got my sister’s Christmas card in August the following year. That was a surprise. (laughs)

  2. Shame the letter wasn’t something more worthwhile. I don’t get much personal mail anymore; most of it is bank statements that I haven’t got around to having delivered electronically because I’m lazy.

    1. If I did not fetch the letter, I could not have found the 100 peso bill and all the philosophical moments during the episode. 😀
      Right now, I am as lazy as you probably are. 😀
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts,

  3. The last snail mail letter I got was from lawyers office saying that my grandpa had died and left me money. My grandpa had died about three years earlier so I had to check. I got a hold of them and they found out that I was the wrong person right away. Too bad you didn’t win the lottery. I have never talked to someone who has.

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