Power has been restored. (thankfully)

The cat returned, too, after its hasty meal. It was lying under the chair, probably dreaming of cat heaven where fried fish are everywhere and in abundance.

Speaking of heaven, being Sunday and all, I sometimes wonder the difference between various religions’ description of their heavenly paradise.

We all want to be good, right? However, goodness is relative. What might be considered good by others, especially in religious perspectives, might be the opposite from someone else’s credo.

Picture the heavens described by some of the largest religions based on following. Can you distinguish differences and similarities? Are there points of convergence, points where all are talking of the same thing?

If you guess eternal bliss and everlasting joy with their Maker, you and I are in agreement. The promise was part and parcel of the belief in afterlife.

The problem lies with the manner to get there. To perform sacrifice and martyrdom is the  most abused method used by fanatics from all sides. For them, the end justifies the means, even if those means necessitate violence and death, for them, their supposed enemies and their fellow believers. Can we see any good from all of these? The good that is a pre-requisite to a heavenly destination.

I believe ordinary believers from all faiths strive to be good. They follow their beliefs accordingly and respect other peoples’ religion as well. In all honesty, the small people have no problems with one another, peace would always be their common denominator.

But, this is the big BUT, when fanatics take the lead, poison minds, initiate violence, inflaming hearts and provoking each other, THEN, everything will descend to chaos. Their selfish motivations require that almost everyone has to suffer hell on earth, them as prime instigators of punishment. Isn’t that crazy and unfair?

Should we, ordinary believers of all faiths, demand that enough is enough? How many are the fanatics? They are a measly number compared to the billions of true and peaceful believers. Will we let them dictate our fates, they, who do not understand the real meaning of goodness?



9 thoughts on “Strength

  1. It’s very simple: ‘Thou shalt not kill.’ If all lives were valued as priceless and unique by all religions, that would be enough. It’s hard to love your neighbour, and turn the other cheek, and give away an extra coat, etc. etc…. but, ‘don’t kill’ seems easy. Why don’t they/we just do that?

    1. We are victims of the fanatics on all sides. They have death wishes and they want us, the peaceful believers to suffer what their follies created. You are correct: the killing must stop. We should do our share by not supporting fanatical hatred.

  2. If you have a weapon and somebody is about to kill your son it is your duty to protect him. “Thou shalt not kill!” does not apply in this case. Today even Vatican says that stopping ISIS is a must.

    1. So, the killing won’t stop. Let us say for a minute, the ISIS is defeated with violence. What’s the chance they will take their vengeance elsewhere? Say, in the country which is instrumental in their defeat. Peaceful places will be in danger of suffering the same fate as those in the war zone. No one is safe when vengeance is the flavor of the day.

      1. I think that there are not peaceful places anymore. Just remember 9/11/2001 or the Boston marathon. I am sure ISIS is already in my country and we must do everything possible to protect the world against terrorists (everyone who INTENTIONALLY kill innocent civilians).

      2. Why don’t they all just drop dead so all peaceful believers will be left safe? I know the killing won’t stop in the near future as long as fanatics, especially terrorists, are in high places. Foot soldiers will not kill if the orders are not given.
        Let’s just hope that violence does not visit us in our doorstep.

  3. I wonder what the world would be like with no religion? Moral behaviour is not solely based around religion as some seem to think. Extremists in any form do not usually benefit mankind. Oh to have the ideal world of Star Trek where society is not fuelled by money and religion. But this is an, I think, unreal goal. People are too entrenched in their wealth based and/or reiigious lives. The shift in thinking would be enourmous.

    1. Religion is not really the problem here. It is the misuse of any religion is or the lack thereof.
      I live in a very rural place where ordinary people believe in their different sects of Christianity. Oh, yes, there are numerous here. But they do not kill one another to force people to convert.
      Too many small people, true and peaceful believers, always become victims of fanatics from all sides. Check the casualty reports, any news anywhere there is a fighting, note that number of civilians killed.
      If these fanatics want to kill one another, I guess they should be brave enough to go to one place and do their thing. If they all die, good riddance! The world will be a safer place without them.

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