Perhaps because of my intense blogging last night (looking for answers to all my worries), I had an uneasy sleep. I could sense I was not awake but then I could feel morning has broken: the roosters crowed successively while carabaos and cows bellowed in the distance, waiting for their owners to lead then to the grazing grounds.

I was lethargic to say the least, as if I was drained out of any sense of reality. Physically though, my body was ready for the new day.

But the back of my neck hurts at the moment, preventing me to turn my head at either direction without my whole body following suit. If you’re familiar with C3PO in the Star Wars saga, more or less, I move like him (it?).

This was not the first time it happened to me, although the earlier circumstances that led to this malady were of different nature. In time, I devised my own solution to get back to normalcy the soonest possible time.

The orchard was the perfect hideaway while I tried to regain my old self. Pruning new shoots and dead branches could help since head movements were required in the activity. Eventually, the exchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen between plants and I provided mutual benefits,

Then, life sometimes solve its own problems in stranger ways.

People often passed by the road near my place, walking straight to their destination without even bothering me while I worked the grounds. Even acquaintances knew when to disturb me.

This was not the case this morning. From the twenty or so that passed by, almost half of them called out to me, sending greetings my way or simply engaging me to a short chat. The repeated actions of getting up to face them and getting back down to work had somewhat helped reduce the pain. Even their timely distractions removed much of my concerns earlier.

Before I called it enough for the day, with light rain falling, my neck hurt no more. With the productive tasks I accomplished, my neck hurting was somewhat a blessing in disguise.

Yeah, life is beautiful. 😀



4 thoughts on “Stiff

  1. Looking at a computer screen does, so they say, disturb sleep patterns.Plus thinking about what you are blogging keeps the brain active, alert and awake; all the things that inhibit sleep But I am guilty of the same thing as sometimes I need to get those thoughts out of my head and blogging is the perfect platform. Engaging with people does make a difference in mood. Great that you connected with so many people.

    1. Thanks. I am fortunate to have discovered so many interesting people in the Net. I learned a lot and still learning.
      I guess we need the relaxation once in a while.:)
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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