Have I related to you before that I took a correspondence course in journalism? It was a short one, introduced locally. I was aware the school has international links that back then I thought it would be my stepping stone to the world of news coverage.

Nope! That did not materialize. Another wishful thinking from the thousands I possessed since childhood. 😀

Anyway, I tried my first interview this morning. I decided to do a one on one talk with my cat. Yeah, you read that correctly!

Here’s an excerpt:

belsbror: You sit here today as my guest of honor. Do you have something to say before I ask you questions?

fry: meow (licking its right paw)

belsbror: That was short but I understand why. Do you like living here with me?

fry: (looking straight at me) meow (then turning head from left to right)

belsbror: Is that a no? Or does your neck hurts like mine?

fry: meow (strangely nodding slowly)

belsbror: Hmmm! I am confused. Is that your answer to the first or second question?

fry: hmmm (mimicking my sound)

belsbror: Do you want to eat now?

fry: meow, meow, meow (possibly a resounding yes)

belsbror: This interview is not finished, I want to ask you more questions?

fry: (turning head from left to right once more)

belsbror: You are hungry? Can’t wait, aren’t you?

fry: (head nodding repeatedly)

belsbror: Okay, one last question. Do you like me?

For an answer, fry suddenly jumped straight at my right hand, grabbing the newly-fried fish in a flash, running outside the door to a hidden spot.

The interview has ended.



13 thoughts on “Chat

    1. It sounds serious at first while I held the fish. The cat kept following where my hand went. That’s the nodding and the turning of head was about. (laughs)

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