Freshly Pressed

I was offline the rest of the day after I posted Hurdles. We had a power outage (what else is new?).

So, to remove all my dark thoughts about electricity in general, I decided to visit the neighbors to discover what they were doing in to pass the time.

One of my godchildren approached me from their yard. He was playing with his tex cards and he had no one to play with. I was his first candidate to appear in sight.

Well, playing was fun, with a ten-year old child, it was doubly fun. Friendly cheating was allowed, the heckling that followed produced more laughter than watching a very funny film. We had a blast!

After half an hour, I asked him where his father was. He pointed to the outside kitchen, a small hut that was detached from the main house. With his protestations, I decided to leave him alone and checked what the adults were doing.

“That’s a nice grill, man!” I jested upon seeing my kumpare holding a charcoal-powered flat iron.

“Ssshh!” he motioned with his forefinger near his mouth, “this is a surprise.”

“What do you mean?” I asked, wanting to be included in the conspiracy. “You got scolded by your wife?”

“Very funny!” he whispered. “I want to press the clothes she left unfinished when the outage occurred. She was in a foul mood so I told her to get a nap to relax.”

“Are you sure? Do you know what you’re doing?” I was afraid he might ruin the clothes.

“Of course,” he replied, overconfident of what he was about to do. “Did you know that this was part of my courting task back then. You would not believe how many pants I have ironed during those days.”

“I never thought you would stoop that low, that you would enslave yourself for love.”

I tried not to laugh while giving those remarks. He, on the other hand, showed me a smirk.

“Please be quiet. If she wakes up before I finish the chore, I’ll blame you. You will owe me a favor.”

That was a frightening thought. My kumpare would get me to join their drinking spree and perhaps force me to sing. I was not taking chances so I shut up while he did his thing.

What we were not aware of was that my kumare overheard everything. Like a silent accomplice, she played her part well, pretending to be asleep until all the clothes were ironed out. Then, she made a surprise entrance to complete the entire act.

“I think I will leave you two alone,” I suggested when they began their lovey-dovey routine.

While I headed back home, I discovered that power was restored, I wanted to go online. However, the notice I read upon logging on was: No service.

With raised hands and a mild swear, I surrendered. How ‘lucky’ would one get!

Anyway, I had to do the next best thing: encode and edit drafts. Perhaps, someone up there was tinkering with events down here to set my priorities right. ๐Ÿ˜€



14 thoughts on “Freshly Pressed

    1. She is one great lady, a very interesting native woman. ๐Ÿ™‚
      If you see my comment, that means no problemo. If you do not, that blog on feature is back.

      1. Here’s how I do it. Please comment later if I did something wrong.
        1. I followed my own blog. (I have to see what others are seeing.)
        2. My account is always on. (I ticked that box stating ‘keep me signed in’)
        3. I can comment on any WordPress blog. (That does not happen if the log on feature on blog appears.)
        4. I can respond to comments via email, via notification page or by pressing that notification icon.
        5. I do not sign off literally. I just turned off the computer and disconnect the broadband service.

      2. I just want to share this: I just posted a new post. 4 gravatar appeared on my the post as likers. Stat says 1 view. It’s not the system of WP, it’s the likers that are too quick with the fingers that screws up the system. Just saying…

      3. I experimented too. I clicked like in one of the posts (not yours), then I went straight to the site. No like was registered on the site. This is supposed to be a real-time operation, an instantaneous link, even with a short delay, the process should be seamless like before. This is not happening now. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
        I just wish everything goes back to normal.
        Well, I have to go offline for a while. Some chores to be done. ๐Ÿ™‚

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