Yesterday, after the neighborly visit and the unsuccessful online entry, I stayed indoors, trying to make the hours productive.

I sat down to do some writing. Minutes later, the cat kept passing under the chair, pressing its body on my legs as if telling me something it needed to do.

I stood up from my chore and walked straight to the door. I suspected the cat wanted to go out and do its thing on its favorite sandy spot near the potted plants.

The cat followed but it did not go out. Instead, it continued its earlier motions, confusing me in the process. It acted strange, I thought.

What was the cat up to? Did it want to play like one of my godchildren? Did it need petting?

The clocked registered 12 noon. When I glanced back at my cat, it seemed to be nodding as if saying, “Yeah, that’s right, man. It’s lunch time.”

Oh, I almost forgot. The cat and I shared a familiar similarity: we were routine followers. We did things regularly that if an activity was not done on time, it would spoil the overall schedule of the day.

I had leftovers from breakfast so I decided that cooking would have to wait before supper. Besides, I was not that hungry. (I only eat when I am hungry.) I could just give the cat my share.

Well, that plan did not work. The cat did not touch the food, especially the fried fish which was one of its favorite. Was the food spoiled or something? It was cooked just a few hours earlier.

I stared at my cat, trying to decipher what it really wanted. I knew it wanted to eat but what?

Then, I idea occurred to me. I believed I knew what to do.

Five minutes later, the cat had a feast, the same food I served earlier. The main difference was that I reheated it.



10 thoughts on “Choosy

  1. Great ending! I am so surprised that you didn’t think of that first! My Mom is trying this time around with her little dog, after having her taken away for awhile by my brother and sister in law, to do the ‘right thing’ for her dog, Nicki. No table food. This is hard for her, she lives in her senior apt. building, used to bring lots of tidbits back,. and yes! She reheated them! She had lost her footing and got tangled up, walking the dog, needed a walker for awhile. The dog got used to dry ‘science’ style formula food, lost weight and also is much more lively. So, she bemoans losing her ‘dinner’ pal, tries to go to the dining room and eat with the table she is assigned to… Hope I can live with one of my kids when I get older.
    All because your cat was ‘choosy,’ you got an essay in your comments, today! Smiles, Robin

    1. It’s really good to hear that I was not alone in such a situation. It was the first time my cat did not eat cold food. Okay, there’s always a first time for everything, right? (laughs)
      Thank you for sharing the story. It was comforting. 🙂

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