A whole week of intense heat and I already missed the rain.

Every farmer helps create a conducive environment for his greenery. With Nature as a dependable ally, his primary job is to weed out grasses, their harmful nuisance denies plants of healthy growth.

Without the rains, some of the flowering plants began to wither, their flowers wilted, the concentrated rays of the noon sun becoming their common enemy. There was no other way than to help them survive the ordeal with constant watering.

We still apply the old farming ways here, meaning manual techniques. We have no long hoses from electrically-powered pump machines drawing water from deep wells. We do the bucket routine. ๐Ÿ˜€

Sometimes, I consider plants and other trees at home my children, the younger they are the more care they need. Saplings are perhaps like teenagers, groomed and molded according to my standards much like what society does to people. Older trees are the young adults, eager to be independent from my tending as what parents do. With their trunks bigger and branches stronger, they believe that they could withstand severe effects of the elements much like life’s problems they might encounter in life.

Yet, even though they could manage to live without me, I still believe they need human interaction. They could listen to my rantings about the ills of the world without being visibly bored. They could absorb my out-of-key renditions of popular songs without audible protest. They could do all those things without hurting my feelings by pointing out all my obvious defects. They will continue to be my ardent supporters as long as I keep them safe from harm.

We live together in harmony. Our symbiotic relationship is ideal. We live in peace.

Can we do this in a much larger scale, say the whole world? Can we?



5 thoughts on “Copy

      1. Whenever I am in the orchard, I feel in another world. Peace is always there (except when ants and other insects spoil my walk). Yes, touching is also great for plants. I do the same thing. ๐Ÿ˜€

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