Take Note

The Reader is acting up again!

Since the other day, I have observed that a major portion of my clicks (Likes) on sites did not register. Naturally, my next option was scroll up to the top and repeat the process. For a while, the clicks registered but when it reached a certain point, the earlier problem reappeared. For the third time, I repeat the same option but it ended with the same result.

Today, there is no change. The same problem still exists. (It comes and go. Confusing.) Can anyone explain to me what is happening?

It’s not only me who has been visited by headaches. Others encountered variations of odd occurrences.

I hope The Happiness Engineers are taking notes. They have always been quick to straighten out bloggers’ problems.

Let us wait.



13 thoughts on “Take Note

  1. This is what I did. I click the comment section and read your column then click on the like button on the right side. Then I open up the whole post, my gravatar is showing. It’s working. So, somehow, it’s the manner how we click it.

    1. I also do the same for contents with links to the sites like yours. I read the post and like. In Marlyn’s case I always do that so I could click like.
      Others, with full contents in the Reader, I simply click like after reading. If I want to see the rest of the sites contents, I click the name of the site and the Reader will show me all recent posts.

      1. I was cut off a few minutes ago. No service. 😦
        I will go direct to her site and ask.
        Thank you for the experiments. You have been a great help. 😀

  2. I too have a problem. In going to answer a Twitter remark it’s only bringing up a tiny response box which does nothing when you click the Tweet button. It’s fine on the Twitter site itself though. Hiccup day maybe?

    1. Some hiccups come and go. It’s annoying sometimes. You know me, I do not complain much about WordPress, my home.
      Yeah, it does not work now. He probably deleted the post. Sorry, I will update my post. Thank you for the info.

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