We, humans, are but flesh and blood. A soul to keep in our lifetime and a journey to another time and space after death.

Notorious people are reviled in history, their wicked ways demonized for people not to forget. They chose their path and they deserved the consequences of their misdeeds.

Famous people, on the other hand, gave us precious contributions in our lives. They opened their private lives to the masses and almost anything they said and did were scrutinized to fit the image they portrayed in public. Any deviation was a negative, decreasing their appeal and influence.

When bad people die, there are sometimes celebration, gratitude in the air, that evil was again destined to uncertain oblivion.

When good people die, there is only sadness and regret, longing that could not be quenched, that goodness lost another disciple.

Tragic deaths of the good and the bad are treated differently. The latter provides satisfaction to victims, their vengeance realized and justice was served. To the former though, there are many shades to consider, sometimes even in death former lives were dissected for further media and public scrutiny.

The death of Robin Williams could serve as an example. Can we just pay tribute to the man and exalt all his positive inputs to society? Can we downplay or even remove from the public his private problems that led to his death? Can we do so out of respect for the man who cannot defend himself no more?

He was flesh and blood like we are. For like us, in death, we all deserve peace.



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