I tried to think of things to write about. However, the subject of death has devastated our days. From wars to ordinary crimes, the almost endless loss of lives is not comforting.

Then memories past visited me. I remembered my early blogging days when I was a nobody, unknown to many of you. I was an insignificant farmer who wished to get his writings some attention. Yet, it was never an easy deal.

But, someone took notice and gave me strength to continue what seemed to be an uphill climb. Personally saddled with a family problem, I was ready to call it quits, barely hanging on.

He sent me a simple token, something irrelevant to others, but at that moment very crucial for my confidence. He subconsciously revived my hope, provided me inner peace.

Here is an excerpt from Consolation, posted on June 21, 2013.

What can we call the sum of all that are good in us, when we reach that state and aver, “I am nearly complete.”

Mysterious ways often describe the Almighty’s graces in our lives. Sometimes, spiritual guidance is sent in the form of influence to a person, who sees another in need of sympathy. To offer something to lighten up the emotional burden of his fellow man.

A few days ago, such messenger came through in the body of an inspiring blogger of ajaytao2010 whose photographs and quotes exemplify hope. What better way to uplift my sagging spirits than be nominated for this very peaceful award. For his gesture, I accept and oblige. I send him my sincerest thanks and best wishes.

He will never walk alone.



10 thoughts on “Consoled

      1. We are all a busy lot but we do not forget. I have my own connection problems to contend with so no worries for late replies.
        The best of luck to you always.

  1. You are very right. He was such an inspiration to many. In life, God has prepared someone for each of us who will be of a great help to us in the most difficult times of our lives and until the right time, the person might not show up because God’s time is the best. We should always try to put all our hope in Him who know us more than the way we know ourselves. He knows when to send us our desired helper. Thanks for sharing and have a blessed weekend to the glory of God.

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