How can you show your appreciation in the blogging world? Including the usual generous words of encouragement and support, I cherish the small tokens of recognition accorded my way. No doubt, they gave me and still giving me genuine pleasure whenever I receive any once in a while.

To bloggers/readers, who bestowed on me nominations for various awards, I am deeply honored and truly elated for being  a part of your time. Without your constant reminder that I matter, I would have lost interest to share what’s on my mind.

A huge thank you to the much generous Jo Robinson treated me to a ball with quite a number of awards. Great appreciation, too, to Julia Ojidos and Lorrie Bowden who both nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award while Suzanne Leist listed me for the Very Inspiring Blogger and One Lovely Blog Awards.

Sharing the awards to fellow bloggers is a tedious and long task. When I was just started blogging, I had more free time to read and choose. Nowadays, I have to pick only those who participate in the awards process. So, I have decided to adopt Ajay’s solution to share the awards. He did it in the early days and it worked just fine.

To my nominees, please wait for the notifications.

Happy Blogging guys and gals!



18 thoughts on “Supportive

      1. Sometimes, it doesn’t. I have to click again on the top or just above the comment or went I exit. Is your’s not working. I just clicked like on your response. Did you get the message?

      2. Yes, it registered. The email notice is fine. Lately, Gmail is also acting up. It loads very slow. Probably about that news of Google screening emails. Nerving.
        I received a comment from another follower that my problem is also happening to him.

      3. Yes, it changes from Like to Liked. But then, it changes back to Like. That’s the annoying part. I have to repeat all over again from the top. Bummer.

  1. Dear belsbror, the best teacher i have ever had. Thank you for all your wise stories. Congratulations!
    I wish you all the best, a divine inspiration which will make you the bestseller author. 🙂 kisses!

    1. We are all teachers. You are now teaching me to be more appreciative.:D
      Thank you too for visiting, reading and liking my posts. I could see that you have been all over my archives. 😀
      I hope what you said will come true. 🙂
      Flying kisses to you too and your whole family.
      Take care.

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