“It’s me you are looking for.”

The Czech could not make up his mind. All he saw were common faces, pretty all, and fractions of inches in height difference. Who could have thought he would encounter such a situation in his simple life?

“What did you say?” he managed to hear only a small part of her confession.

Kim took a step forward, leaving the other Kims surprised. They had no idea what their co-employee has done but they seemed to breathe a common sigh of relief when the line up was dismissed.

“Do you know where my netbook is?” he went straight to the point.

“The two guys who sat behind you yesterday tried to return it but they said you ran away from them.”

The Czech recalled the scene. He wanted to bang his fist to his head, finally discovering it was his fault that the issue got out of hand. If he did not run, everything could have been resolved right there and then.

“They came back here and asked about you if you are a regular visitor. When I said yes, they left the netbook with me.”

“Why didn’t you wait for me? When I found out it was misplaced I came back here. No one knew you had it.”

Kim the shorter bowed her head. She also made a mistake by not informing someone about the netbook.

“I did not mean no harm,” she said. “I believe it would be best that I keep it for safekeeping since those two guys entrusted it to me. If I left it to someone and it got lost once more, I would feel guilty for my irresponsibility.”

The Czech nodded, accepting the logical reasoning with calm disposition.

“I am not angry at you. Instead, I am grateful for your honesty. I think if I misplaced it somewhere else, I could have not recovered it.”

“I’ll go and get it, sir,” she excused herself, walking quickly toward the kitchen door toward her locker.

“She is one of my most trusted workers,” the manager confided. “I could leave the restaurant in the morning, knowing the place is in the safest of hands.”

“You are lucky to have employees like her.”

“I am fortunate to have employees like them,” the manager corrected. “They give me no headaches unlike the locals, if you get what I mean.”

“You bet,” The Czech agreed. “No disrespect intended but many workers do not care about the company they worked for. They work but no love is present.”

They were unaware that their conversation attracted the new arrivals who readily joined them.

“Honey, did you get it?” X asked, holding her gadget. “The signal is strong.”

“Not yet but Kim confirmed she has it. She’ll be right back.”

A familiar baritone voice interrupted.

“Are you ready to thank me?” the tall guy wore his casual clothes. He and his partner were off-duty.

The Czech laughed. The joy of seeing his netbook in Kim’s hands added to his bliss.

“Let’s us have a grand meal together. Kim, you have to join us, too.”

“Hahahaha! That’s more like it,” the tall guy roared, getting the attention of other guests.

“You all deserved it,” The Czech proclaimed.

“I told you to come with me,” the tall guy nudged his partner. “You see! Free food!”




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