Into The Light

“It’s amazing with how busy you get, you forget your early blogging days, where you sat glued to your monitor with bulging eyes and sticking out tongues, waiting desperately for someone to LIKE what you’ve written.”

ec5ab2a8fc9be91312d9d3dd85c9e72a Jo Robinson wrote that in a recent post, a stark reality for us writers, moonlighting as bloggers to promote ourselves to be read. I firmly believe we feel like this often, then and now. We need some form of affirmation that we are heard and appreciated.

She does not have to worry though: she is read. Her published books talk about “people, and the sometimes dark twists that life takes.” Her blog fascinates readers as to what is inside a South African writer’s imagination while living with a husband, a dog, four birds and some chickens.

See! The odd sense of humor is already pulling you in. Sample her writings and you’ll stay for long.

I am deeply honored that she chose me to be included in this Hop. It took me quite a while (sorry) to accomplish this but as they say, better late than never. 😀

The idea with this Hop is to answer questions about your writing process and then nominate the blogs of three writers who inspire you to do the same. If these three chose to Hop along, they would then post their writing process blogs the following week, together with links to this post, and the sites of their three nominees.

The Questions:

What are you working on?

All work and no play makes belsbror a dull boy, to paraphrase the popular saying. When not farming, I write. 😀

Currently writing the extended version of The Thread, a series of posts I began to convert into a short novel, I blog regularly, posting any story that pops in my head, tinkering with the flow as I go along. This practice provides me more confidence by writing from scratch.

I am always thrilled to receive positive feedback. The boost raises my confidence considerably.

What have you worked on recently?

Encoding and revisions of old drafts remain my foremost task. Lately, I chose several short stories that could be included in three collections I planned to publish in the future. I had posted condensed versions of stories from Love is All Around and Scream at Will. The third collection, entitled Children of the Slums, needs more revisions.

I am checking out sites about self-publishing. It would be probably my best option to see my writings in e-Book format.

Why do you write what you do?

I am not a choosy reader so it applies also to my writing. I still prefer the free-for-all genre, a combination of anything and everything. In my opinion, it’s a challenge to be an effective storyteller, to make your readers love, laugh and ponder, and be scared or be in suspense with a single tale.

People like to laugh so do I. A touch humor is never absent in stories I write. It is my basic ingredient to my style.

How does you writing process work?

In blogging, as I mentioned in my post Genuine Gems, the story often starts with a word (or a phrase) before the explosion of connected ideas comes from the past or the present. Choosing titles, though, requires deep thought. At first glance, it would not fit the content but with a bit of analysis, the connection becomes clearer. I believe readers love to interpret meaning the way they think.

Novel writing, including short stories, needs a different treatment. I always start thinking about the conflicts in the story. From there, I begin to bury them from sight by pointing to the wrong direction. My purpose is to make the readers think of what’s going to happen next, given a few crumbs to follow. In my mind, the reader should be given the chance to say, “I could never have guessed!”

Now my nominees:

There are too many bloggers I admire, almost all my active followers to say the least. I have to choose only three and you can guess why them. 😀

e199380a3ab06aa9dfa9aa5d866b25b3  Lucy, the EXCESSIVE GARDENER, shares a passion I do on a daily basis. You can also visit her other blog SAPIENT CHRONICLES and join the adventure.

30e2ad11f80c9ec2a9d3de1caa484586  Marissa Bergen, of the Glorious Results of a Misspent Youth, is a rock and roll supermom as she described herself. Her post The Kids Will All Write attests to that.

592556d6a60f9a052f0ae81e998264e9  Lisa, of Underground Energy, could discuss topics you may not suspect she would. I discovered such randomness when she ably talked about football.

Please visit their sites so you could read for yourself what I am talking about. 😀

Happy Blogging guys and gals!



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