“There’s a man who is looking for a netnbook.”

The short communication between the two Kims transpired before midnight. It was an afterthought on Kim the taller’s part when her co-employee asked for anything out of the ordinary at work.

In school, the netbook stayed in her knapsack, customarily attached to her body at all times. Much more so with something she did not own but had to return back to its rightful owner, her cautious nature was more heightened.

Lying in bed, trying to engage sleep into visiting her consciousness, she could not help but be curious as to what the netbook held, data and programs she was also capable of understanding and manipulating.

“Forgive me for opening your world,” she whispered to the ‘thing’ while preparing herself to be astounded.

When she turned it on, the screen was pitch black. At first, Kim was afraid that the netbook might have a personal identification system that only the owner could access. A stranger opening it would be ushered to the state where code breaking was required.

Then, out of from nowhere, a 3D video of rampaging horses running toward her face instantly appeared on the screen. She was nearly forced to close the lid immediately to prevent the wild beasts from trampling her to death: the scenes were too realistic that it nerved her.

She swore in her native language, the mild oath only spoken in the worst of circumstances. To be scared by a machine could be considered as one of those.

An email notification blinked on a white background, no other icons or any links to point to other parts of the memory. She was given the only doorway in, the sole gate to the unknown.

She clicked the link.


Yesterday, I was in the land of fun, an alien world to many, to me, never.

I saw the Xs and the Ys mingling with other constants. Their combinations intrigued me though I was rather sure they were assembled to be solved. Only the right motivation and firm perseverance could unlock the mysteries they held.

They were cooperative, following my orchestration on where to situate themselves in the equation. They took the roles of addends, subtrahends, multipliers and divisors, merrily moving from one place to another, taking cue from instructions I deemed necessary to simplify the problem they posed on me.

Involved in a trigonometric game with sines, cosines, tangents, cotangents, secants and cosecants, I was given the opportunity to exercise my mind, the mental callisthenics I had almost forgotten to practice.

It was all worth it.

Posted on: belsbror 8-11-2014

The blinking cursor below signified conclusion, as no other direction was included on how to go back or proceed. The message was all to it.

Kim felt disappointed when all she could read was a strange post by somebody she had no intention of discovering. It was probably the owner’s way to send a message to anyone, if ever the netbook was misplaced or stolen, that it would be useless to be kept by finders or thieves, respectively.

She closed the lid and placed it on the knapsack. Tomorrow, the turnover would be a new experience for her.

(to be continued…)



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