“Have you seen my netbook, Miss?”

Kim was surprised that a guy suddenly appeared in front of her and stared at her chest. Out of decency, she took a step back and covered it with her hands.

“I am sorry, sir, the Lost and Found department is in the mall’s basement.”

The Czech got his hopes high when he saw her nameplate. It was a Kim, which he remembered quite clearly. She waited for his order that morning.

“Remember me? I sat there,” he pointed to the center table, “you even served the two guys behind me.”

“You must be mistaken, sir,” Kim the taller said, “I have not seen you before.”

X started to believe the girl. Besides Kim was a popular Korean name.

“She might be telling the truth, dear. Let’s ask around first.”

“Ahhh! I am going mad!” he wanted to create trouble so that someone might produce the missing netbook at once.

“It’s not in the mall anymore,” X gave him the bad news. “It’s stationary again. In the University belt in Manila.”

“You mean to say, we have to go there? We just got out of traffic! I can’t go through the same ordeal again.”

“Please wait outside while I talk to her,” X knew how service people reacted to highly strung customers. They would be polite but completely uncooperative if coerced.

The Czech followed his girlfriend’s advice. The walking would relax him a bit.

“Miss, is there any other Kim working here?”

“Yes, but I cannot give you her personal information, company rules. I hope you understand.”

“I do,” X smiled, a new lead crept into her head. “I think my boyfriend mistook you for the Kim who worked this morning. He is not so good with faces.”

“She is in school now. Kim the shorter as we call her is an English major.”

“We better come back tomorrow then to ask her,” X summed up the data. She was positive the girl in question had the netbook in her possession.

“I’ll tell her about our conversation later. If she has information, she will gladly give it to you.”

“I am very sure she will. You are honest people. I am glad you liked studying here.”

“How do you know I am a student, too?” Surprised, Kim’s eyebrows nearly met.

“I don’t. You just confirmed it now,” X laughed. Their exchange was very fruitful.

The Czech came back, his haggard face displayed an individual who seemed to have lost a huge bet while gambling. Tired of waiting outside, he wished to confer with his girlfriend on their next course of actions.

“I remember there’s a police station out there. I can report the netbook stolen.”

“Relax!” X exclaimed. “That is the last thing we should do.”

“Why? They could turn this place apart.”

“You spook them here. You might as well kiss your netbook goodbye.”

“What is it you’re not telling me? You act as if you not alarmed.”

“I am not,” X admitted. “We go back here tomorrow morning and fetch your netbook.”

“You found who has it?”

“Let’s just say, I trust the person.” X would not elaborate.

“If you say so,” he said, resigned. However, the important fact was that his girlfriend had her own arsenal of female instincts. That would be insurance enough his netbook would be found.

(to be continued…)



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