“You’re here!”

His girlfriend’s house was located on a hill that reaching it by foot needed more legs strength than usual. It was not to his liking but riding another cab from the station was not either.

She sat comfortably inside a small hut, a rest house built for two. It was her favorite spot since it overlooked the view down below where interconnected villages assumed the picture of disciplined architectural landscape.

“That should be my line,” he said gasping for breath as he approached her. “You said you’re going out with friends.”

“Women can change their minds,” she smiled, the guile was apparent. “and men could be so predictable.”

“I thought it’s the other way around,” he sat beside her, waiting for the right moment to steal a smack on her cheek. “I was proven right before.”

“I was checking your site,” she changed the subject quickly, “and you have not logged on. That’s strange, you being a man of habit.”

The Czech touched her hand, trembling at the thought he did not foresee earlier, at the moment realizing a personal catastrophe in the making.

“I misplaced my netbook! God! I am so careless!”

She saw him lost color, his face utterly distraught. The gadget was his life, the repository of his thoughts.

“Think! When was the last time you had it?”

“I am not sure,” he tried to recreate his morning activities. “But I know I still have it when you called.”

“Hmmm! Now, I am indirectly to blame.”

“No!” he assured her. “I am supposed to take care of my stuff.”

He held his head with both hands, wishing the location of his netbook would suddenly flash in his mind.

Seeing him helpless, she tried a different tact. There was something she knew she forgot but before trying to figure it out, she needed him to stay more calm.

“What about our sex video?” she blurted out, startling him.

“You wish!” he frowned while noting her smile. The furthest he reached was a short kiss on her lips. “Not funny!”

“Take it easy then,” she ordered, her hands on his cheeks. “Focus.”

“Damn! I could have left it inside the cab of that crazed taxi driver.”

He related to her the whole incident from the restaurant, about the pair who followed him and his altercation with the driver.

“We’ll see if your guess is correct,” she said, taking her own gadget out.

“By the way, do you by chance knew about those two men?”

“Meaning?” she asked, her attention was concentrated on the screen.

“Say, to spy on me?”

“There’s no need to do that,” she replied, satisfied to see what she hoped earlier was a reality.

“You have the financial means, the will?” he probed without actually believing his theory.

“I have a locator app,  remember?” she explained. “I can see here where your netbook is. It is stationary.”

“How do you know that? Where?”

“In the mall,” she replied. “That’s why I am surprised you are here.”

“I don’t understand,” he could not follow the logic, his anxiety was not over until he recovered his possession.

“I locked on to your netbook so I’ll know what’s your exact location is.”

(to be continued…)



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