Difference of views on issues such as religion could sometimes be funny when you listen as a third-party observer, objectively weighing where both sides of the reasoning were headed.

I was tutoring my grade-school godchild (the day there was no internet connection) in their kitchen table. Close to lunch time, I was in a hurry to go home but his parents pressed me to stay on and eat with them. Naturally, I obliged: free food was free food. 😀

As devout Christians, they murmured their graces before eating.

“Ma, my classmate does not do this,” he motioned the sign of the cross. “He also goes to another church.”

“He belongs to a different sect,” his mother did not want to prolong the discussion. She was not well-versed with the difference anyways.

“But they have the same bible like we have,” he insisted, trying to probe more on the subject. “Maybe, I should stop doing the sign of the cross.”

His mother looked at him sternly, silently admonishing him to stop being impertinent.

“He does not eat shrimps, too,” my kumpare added, grinning as if teasing his wife. “I remember once …” he stopped, the dagger looks he saw from his wife meant he should speak no further.

I wanted to explain the difference but since I was a visitor, I kept my peace. I also did not want to cross swords with my kumare: I might be considered persona non grata in their house afterward.

“Leave them be,” she said finally when the meal was over. “They do not harm us so we should do the same.”

I nodded approvingly, getting handsome points from her in the process.

“Your classmate’s father is a fisherman, right?” she remarked coldly. “You should be thankful they belong to the other sect because your father, we, could not afford buying shrimps everyday.”

As if a blinding light shone upon me: I was enlightened by her logic. As a mother, she figured out things with an economic point of view: she held the house budget.

Religious diversity could benefit everyone after all.



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