How does it feel to be important? Is it really that important?

We have a local saying: “Only trees with much fruits are stoned.” Well, you don’t need to throw rocks at trees without fruits. It is only useless but fruitless (pun intended).

Criticisms are those rocks thrown at you. If you are a nobody, I am very sure no one will even lift a finger to pick up stones in the first place. You’ll be considered harmless, hence unimportant.

The danger of being famous is to get more attention from almost anybody. Once you reach that status, you will automatically feel like that tree with much fruits (successes). Stones will begin to come your way.

Where should the borderline of public attention and privacy lies? Should they be intertwined? Or concretely separated?

I guess it has to be on case to case basis. There are different variations on how to deal with people, both who love and hate you. The tricky part here is they both serve some purpose in your fame.

The lovers will install you on a pedestal. On the other hand, the haters will throw stones at you, indirectly signifying you have achieved some importance that you could be a prime target for their ire. When that happens, you are a nobody no more.



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