Something soothing and inspirational to listen to before I sleep.

Hear from you guys and gals tomorrow. Goodnight. 🙂



8 thoughts on “Consider

    1. The song speaks to me personally. 🙂
      Her voice reminds me of Janis with a touch of Celine. What a great combination!
      Have to finish small tasks before logging off!

  1. I have a friend called Garry who often does the same thing as you on Facebook. Except his music is usually late on a Friday night. And usually after a few beera. Also the music of choice isn’t quite as politically correct. He likes to smash on some seriously heavy shit!
    Pardon my French.
    Good night dearest Belsbror.
    Hum dee dum, hum dee dee dum…

    1. Glad to hear about your friend. 🙂
      I am sending you two good nights, one for yesterday and one for today. Always been thankful for your warm thoughts. 😀
      Be well. Be safe. Be.

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