Is it okay to be always angry at someone? I don’t mean hatred or scornful ire?

I often look at the brighter side of life when this question bothers me. However, I feel the negative notion defeats the purpose altogether.

Well, I could not see the bright side if it is dark. Yes, literally dark. Try it for yourself, unless your idea leads to the realm of romance.

Can you blame me for being sarcastic when what you wish to do is stifled by some entity which only cared for profit and not satisfaction of their customers? Why do providers need to react, they could do so as they please, noting their service is vital to users, who could only complain but could not do anything else but wait?

Nonetheless, I take this opportunity to thank the power and internet providers for not colluding when it comes to cutting off their services at the same time. Perhaps, they realized that the double-whammy is too harsh to bear for their patient customers.

I long for the day that I could go straight to the Net, bypassing their services, truly independent from their hold. That would be absolutely liberating.



12 thoughts on “Bottled

  1. Anger is a natural feeling, there are often reasons to be angry, and it is good we can let this anger go by either letting that person, company, government, whatever know how they made us feel or letting it out in another way like running, walking, screaming, crying, swearing, etc. just making sure we do not spill our anger over totally unrelated people. Needless to say how angry we become when the internet is off, or computer, laptop or something else is down. It depends sometimes so much on these things. I do a lot of medical translations with tight deadlines. Imagine how happy I feel when it’s past midnight, delivery deadline is 8 am European time which is 1 am in Canada, but something stops working? Oh well, that’s just something to get used to. We cannot take anything for granted or rely on something 100%.

    1. I am a farmer so I need the entertainment. 🙂
      It is just that when I already in the thick of things, when everything is marvelously cool and great, they spoil the fun. Bummer! Try watching a very interesting movie in the Internet. Then, when the best part is underway, the service conks out. Of course, I could reload the same film when the service resumes, but time had been wasted. That ticks me off every time. 😦
      Thank you for giving me some reason to stay cool. I agree with what you said. 😀

  2. B,
    When I am angry all the time, it can be harmful.
    I am often angry when I think that they are doing it “to,” me.
    If it interrupts my life, I have to look at it. In AA we say anger, more correctly
    resentment is like “drinking the poison and expecting them(who we are angry)
    to die”

    1. Well, my anger is not deep. I am a person who does not hold grudges, well except against corrupt politicians. They deserve it. 🙂
      My resentments only flare up when the timing of the disturbance spoils everything. It is okay if I am not online because I can wait and do something else. I am used to it.
      Well, I guess I have to let the bottled up emotion out. I did.
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. 🙂

  3. We ALL get angry, it is just an emotion that will pass – for me it takes around 90 seconds

      1. Hi,

        I think the important thing with anger (or any emotion) is identifying it, labeling it, and then gently observing it from a neutral point of view. very hard to do but after I tried it a few times, it was eye opening.

        I also do something quirky – I acknowledge that right now I am feeling [emotion], yet I understand that [insert emtion] is not me.

      2. I do feel anger. Who doesn’t? I also have a positive way to kill it: I cut grass. And there are much clearing to do around here. 😀
        You gave me a good idea though. I will try it. 🙂
        Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  4. I get particularly angry when the outage is a result of changes that are purely aimed at cutting costs on the provider side (none of which will be passed onto me). I can understand problems, but self-inflicted wounds always make me shake my head. We’re discussing some communication we received from AT&T re: the sale of “some” portions of their business in our state. The email was long, but basically says: “some things are going to change. It may or may not effect you. We’ll let you know at a point in the future.” Meanwhile, we are under contract so there really isn’t anything to do but wait.

    Fortunately, I don’t stay angry for long. When you figure out that straight-to-the-net thing, let me know 🙂

    1. Service and power providers know they are vital to communications. They have to treat customers like family and not unfamiliar faces that they try to mess up with.
      I read once of ham operators (amateur radio) going straight to the Net with dedicated servers hosting them. Imagine in the event of war, where power might be absent and communication lines cut and towers fall, how could we connect?
      A netbook with a satphone could do the trick but that will cost much. 🙂

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