What could happen to a person, shouting with all his might but no sound comes out from his mouth because his mouth was gagged? He would feel utterly helpless, his freedom curtailed and his views denied airing.

I experienced this very same feeling yesterday when I could not logged on due to connection problems. Even if the urge was present, there was no way I could be heard on the Net because I was technically cut off. 😦

You might say, not an end-of-the-world problem. Right?

We could do other activities instead which are obviously our immediate backups in case what we scheduled to work out did not materialize. But then, they could not give us the same fulfillment per se, knowing our first choice was beyond our capabilities to control.

I cleared a major tract of grassy portion near my boundary with the neighbors. That became part of my backup session while I tried several times, unsuccessfully, to get online. I could have read so many blogs during the same period, comfortably sitting inside, mentally and intellectually fed with entertainment, inspiration and various information I was not aware of.

Needless to say, I was much frustrated by the internet service provider, that easily took my payment when I loaded (prepaid) while rewarding me with the hopeless waiting for a whole day without notification whatsoever for the problem. I could have understood the situation if there was a storm or any other climactic disturbances: yesterday was a near perfect day weather wise.

I have my fingers crossed today. A scheduled post overtook me, spoiling the train of thoughts I had yesterday. Now, I being drawn back to memory lane once again.

Have a wonderful Sunday guys and gals! Happy blogging!



2 thoughts on “Voiceless

    1. The remoteness of where I live necessitates that connection. I can do away with whatever is happening elsewhere and live simply. But that’s not me: I care. 🙂
      The reliance is understandable. At least, the positive results are beneficial to us.

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