Poverty will be difficult to eradicate. On the contrary, it is always intended to flourish.

The poor in the world has their uses to multinational companies in developed nations. Not only the group, estimated in billions, has less education attainment than the middle class and the wealthy, they comprise the major part of business earnings around the world. Uplifting their economic standards could be a negative factor to global conglomerates’ continued growth: the poor should never escape poverty for the rest of their lives.

What better way to undermine their progress than introduce conflict. Choose from the menu: religious divisions, ethnic clashes, political maneuverings or scientific experiments. The last is the most subtle method: assistance in the form of poison pill.

Have you ever heard of an epidemic that started with the rich section of society? Except for corruption which figuratively is a viral infection that eats away at an individual’s sense of fairness, you cannot cite one. All those deadly diseases began where the poor resides.

There’s a saying: if it ain’t broke, do not fix it. How do you earn money if everything is spic and span? Well, you create a problem that needs a solution.

Overpopulation is one. After the wars of the past, fertility drugs proliferated to help repopulate the decimated areas. When the increase reached more than the expected number, pills that regulated births became popular. They were even included in aid programs to help poor countries maintain lower birth rates.

What is inside those pills? Other than removing chances of accidental fertilization, they host nightmares to frequent takers. The side effects lead to other diseases that needs other pills and medications to remedy. This does not include the overall impact on the family itself, the neighborhood where the family belongs, the larger community to the national level.

One pill that has created animosities all over the world, pitting people against one another, for or against it. Who benefited handsomely from this experiment?

Then, there were botched experiments, largely done in far-flung places, away from transparent inspections, human-trials without the blessing of government institutions, wonder drugs in the making but ending up as mutated viruses let loose inside human bodies.

Will an epidemic begin in the rich sections of society? No way, Jose! It will always start with the poor. That has been and will be his role in this inhumane world.



18 thoughts on “Punished

  1. This one of those unfortunate occasions when it’s a shame there isn’t an alternative to the ‘Like’ button. I don’t like what you say at all but unfortunately I agree with it.
    Wars have always been a good way to thin the population, clearing up problems with employment at the same time. It isn’t the politicians who go to war except to exhort the working classes to join up. Politics is usually in bed with big business and which big business benefits most from war and will never go broke- the Arms Industry.
    We must cease going to war to give money to the arms manufacturers. We must start voting out Politicians with links to Industry and voting in Politicians with no external links at all, who can devote their time to the running of the country in our interest. If we don’t find peace soon we’re going to be shepherded into WW111 and how many of us will survive?

    1. It is difficult to ‘like’ ugly business but it has to be cited as a major cause for poverty. As simple as it may sound, the law of supply and demand points to their sole motivation. Like what you mentioned about the arms industry. Nations do not invent and produce weapons for storage. It is uneconomical and dangerous. What is needed is the reason to use it. Hence, make conflicts where there is none. Incite hatreds and religious differences. Aid the enemy through intermediaries and help kill them later. The debt of gratitude alone of victimized nations to their saviors translate to defense purchases, monopolized reconstruction deals and other economic sales leading continued growth at home. Then, the cycle is repeated elsewhere.
      Here at home, there’s a long-standing rebellion that had eluded answers for generations. However hard the general population wants peace, there will always be reason to continue the conflict. A huge defense spending is unnecessary if you do not have an enemy to fight. Why not create one? Imagine a peace treaty with one gives birth to a splinter force to fight next. Make peace with them and the old one resurrects its fight. Total result: continued poverty

      1. I understood you the first time. No worries, my friend. 🙂
        Sometimes, I have to stay in the middle, if you know what I mean. I appreciate the concern. I am grateful.

  2. Belsbror, everything you said I believe is how I feel, war will never stop poor will always be poor and poorer the rate things are going..Politicians..I have a lot to say about them..but not on the net. Our world is in such a mess and it is so sad, You have a wonderful way of expressing what you feel…very interesting and enjoyed read although…all so hard to accept the realization that all is happening and is true..

    1. We are the poor. When we cannot sway our leaders’ decision to care for us instead of spending much on adventurous activities, we end up holding the empty bag. National money should be well spent. Unfortunately, they go elsewhere, not entirely for the citizens’ benefits. Pity.

  3. I have been part of a new educational program for the past year that I think is making a huge difference in the USA. We work with 20 inner city adults for a month, teaching business writing, professionalism, LEAN, OSHA, lock out tag out, anger management, etc. After 30 days, they work for Goodwill Industries for a month, then are hired in full time at a local factory. I know education will not eradicate all poverty, but it can have a large impact on the problem.

    1. The education of the poor could make them knowledgeable when people in power try to manipulate them into accepting what’s supposed to be good for them but isn’t. You are correct, it has a large impact on the problem.
      You are doing a great job with your program. I hope you succeed.

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