Much of our attention is focused on the wars in the Middle East and the Ukraine. Rightly so, we want them stopped to alleviate the sufferings of the living victims and their loved ones. We hope that current conflicts are resolved while new ones do not develop.

Less concerns with armed and violent confrontations mean more time and energies for other more pressing global problems we need to address. Perhaps, it is high time we spend billions of money for important issues that threaten the survival of our civilization as a whole.

Back in the 90s, we were jolted to the realization that we were not immune to a new virus. Since then, after millions of lives had been lost, and more still dying. we have swept the issue under the rug, so to speak. Yes, there were trickles of reminders through the years but they became so far and between that we look at them like scars in our history.

Time and again, we get frightened when news of a new virus comes along. We take precautions and be alert not to be infected. However, when the media focus fizzled out, we tended to view the scare as if it had vanished in thin air.

A new virus is here and now. It has not yet claimed thousands of lives. But silently, it moves outward from its source. It does not discriminate on who to infect. It must be stopped.

Our governments should inform us about this threat. A pandemic is worse than a world war: the enemy is within us.



6 thoughts on “Deadly

  1. My grandmother told stories of the Spanish Flu epidemic in the 1920s. She spoke of bodies wrapped on the street of the small mining town she lived in – every day, more bodies waiting burial with overwhelmed officials unable to keep up. Scary indeed.

    1. It is difficult to imagine the virus let loose in a populated area. Unless we stop its spread, we will not be safe from its infection. A frightening thought, indeed.

  2. The EBOLA virus is real and dangerous. Right now it is deadlier than the HIV virus. 90% fatality in infected.
    The world should come to the aid of the west African nations mostly affected today. The time to do so is now.
    Due to dearth of statistics conservatively over 700 lives have so far been lost and counting.
    Ignorance is responsible for most of the deaths and people living in denial.
    This is a crisis that must be defeated.
    Massive awareness campaign, deployment of human and material aid is required.
    Who will save the lives of our people?

      1. Unless this epidemic is contained quickly no one is safe! I mean no one, doesn’t matter how much measure is out in place it could slip through. Imagine what could happen in African countries with poor public transportation systems where serious body contact is not easily avoidable! We can only keep writing and raising awareness.

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