All Sided

People on both sides of the fence would try and influence you to believe they fight for the greater good. But when they include violence in their plea for support, would you be willing to give them your nod?

I believe in free expression for as long as the way to air it would be peaceful. I agree to disagree and vice versa while an issue is discussed openly.  But that does not necessarily mean I agree with with either side all the way. I liked that they have the freedom to say what they want and it is up to us to weigh all the points to come up with better judgment.

To leaders, please do not misinterpret the silence of the majority as licence to  decide unilaterally for them. They might have their reasons for being quiet, the intimidation factor is real and at times deadly, not to leave out from the equation the usual practice of others to label one simply to reject any peaceful call to sanity.

How often we hear that you are so and so if you contradict a cause? How irresponsible to tell someone he is against the aggrieved as both sides claimed the tag? For or against, you will be put to the spotlight. Your silence will always be your safest refuge. And that’s happening this minute. Afraid to be labelled, we keep our mouth shut.

Stop the violence everywhere. That could only benefit all sides.



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